COME TRY OUR BRUNCH! Saturday/Sunday from 9.30AM to 4PM. Weekends are special, that's why we slow it down with our delicious brunch menu. Pancakes, Eggs&Bagels, Bowls, sweet and savory, Smoothies, along with many more comforting options, and our delicious coffee!

You can have anything delivered to your door with:

At Julian’s, we love our planet.
Therefore we took an eco-friendly turn in all our choices of containers for the Take-outs.

At home, at the office, big or small event, we are the solution for a successful event. We take care of everything so you don't have to and simply enjoy your party to the fullest.
Please contact us directly so we could analyze your needs and offer the best solution for your specific event.

Our Story

As longtime friends and colleagues at Tapeo Restaurant, we always had it in our minds to collaborate on our own project. Not necessarily a gourmet restaurant, but rather a place that reflects our ideas and values. We sought to open a sincere and casual spot where we reference the culinary style of gourmet counters. After conducting extensive research, we realized that few places offered 100% satisfaction. We always found that something was missing— that it either lacked soul or that it lacked love in the way of doing things ... We told ourselves "We will solve this and create the perfect place!" An unpretentious place, where we do not reinvent the wheel, but where we will do things perfectly. We allow people to have a better experience by offering them what we have best to give. Our wish is that everyone who experiences Julian's will leave with a smile, and a craving to return immediately ... We created a place where people could eat better all day long. A place where you can have coffee on-the-go, eat healthy (salads meals, smoothies) or indulge in a small "cheat meal" (sandwich, pastries, desserts). You can eat-in at the restaurant or take-out a lunch box across the street to Jeanne-Mance Park or to the office. Our dream has finally come true! Julian’s sublime design by Amlyne Philipps (Kampai Garden, Jatoba, Suwu, Fitzroy, Gypsy Cafe) is further enhanced with a menu highly creative yet comforting. Come try Julian’s, it's just divine!

« The idea was to create a place where we can have a nice coffee on the go as well as having a healthy meal or allow yourself to have a "cheat meal". Eat at the restaurant or take out as a "lunch box" high quality products at a very reasonable price. »








10 AM - 4 PM